About Us

The Makers of Behavior 100

TripGear’s Mission

TripGear’s mission is to ignite in learners the passion for life-long character transformation through the global use of our artistic I-M.I.C.E. (Image Metaphoric Inspirational Character Encourager) and R3+R (Relate-Respect-Reason + Reality) mechanisms.

TripGear’s Vision

TripGear’s vision is to encourage learners to not passively allow culture to happen to them but to positively challenge and change culture.

The Company

TRIPGEAR exists to encourage and guide others in good personal character development. TripGear produces original art, stories and curriculum to enhance interpersonal skills and provide traditional and at-risk youth (K-12) with the tools to combat the influence of vulgar music and media, anti-social behavior, bullying, violence, and drugs. With these goals in mind, original art and story are combined to tailor-make a curriculum fitting the needs of participants. (Behavior 100 is the latest curriculum from TripGear.)

TripGear curriculums are innovative comprehensive character education systems, which combine the evolution of multiple instructional, artistic and social awareness methodologies. These methods were gathered from a history of effective programs that would one day lead to the formation of TripGear: Leadership by Example (1995), Steering Young Minds (1997, 1998) and Applications for Life (2003). The lessons learned from the collective impact of these holistic programs spurred the founders of TripGear to develop mentoring educational systems, with the intent of eradicating bullying, violence, drugs, and anti-social behavior while simultaneously building interpersonal, intrapersonal, and expansive character assimilation skills.

At the center of every TripGear curriculum are 2 key tools that maximize the value of our other components such as role play, and literature: I-M.I.C.E. (Image-Metaphoric-Inspirational-Character-Encourager) and R3+R (Relate-Respect-Reason+Reality). Each tool involves use of strong metaphoric imagery which lays out social issues visually before the learner’s eyes. These images are paired with other components such as models (see more about models) to targets particular issues in character and behavior. Learners are engaged in a visual understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. The powerful interplay of vivid imagery coupled with models and other components operate as a “community compass” always pointing the learner in the right direction.Upon review and assessment of students, TripGear tailors a uniquely specialized curriculum package to the needs of the individual or collective (each group of 15 students).

Art and story (film, book, music etc.) are elements which inform culture. These elements are in some instances currently used to perpetuate a dangerous and destructive culture. TripGear’s goal in-part is to use those very elements of art and entertainment to counter the ugliness found in some of pop culture’s messaging.

A Closer Look at TripGear's Directive

Our programs have appeared in the following institutions:


Arlington High School, Belzer Middle School, Craig Middle School, Howe High, Lawrence Central High, Lawrence North High, Marshall High, Northwest High, Tech High, Meridian Transition Alternative, New Horizons Alternative, Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, Coleman School, YMCA, School 43, Peers Project (collaboration), and Goodwill


Bailey Middle Shool, Douglas Elementary, Lew Wallace High, Pulaski Middle School, Roosevelt College & Career Academy, West Side High, and New Tech Innovative Institute

TRIPGEAR is centralized from our location in Indianapolis, Indiana. We travel to institutions and administer our programs there for learners. Optionally, instead of having our staff personally administer the programs, we also sell our learning tools separately and can provide mentoring and training seminars to help you get the most out of our materials.