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We're offering our assistance in an effort to stomp out community violence by 2025.

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2021 in Review

Following events were in collaboration with
Freedom Foundation of Indiana

December 22, 2021

First Annual Boys & Girls Club Christmas Care L.O.V.E. Experience

in collaboration with Freedom Foundation of Indiana

Free: Love, Hats, Gloves, Scarfs, Teddy Bears, Toys, Candy, Balloons, Bubbles, Books!

August 28, 2021

G.A.P. Back to School Pizza Party

Free Pizza, candy, winner caps, Hood sweaters, balloons, books with teacher's guides and more. Discussion on eradicating violence.

July 31, 2021

G.A.P. Talk  (Gaining Answers Peacefully)

3091 Baltimore Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Free barbecue, candy, GAP T-Shirts, balloons. Free illustrated lyfebooks, raffle, gift cards and movie tickets.
Death to violence: GAP Talk topics include domestic violence, mental illness, gun violence, suicides, homicides and more.

June 19, 2021

Blackburn Juneteenth Barbecue Blast

3091 Baltimore Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

We will bless our Blackburn family with free barbecue, balloons, bubbles, candy, LyfeBooks, and Juneteenth t-shirts.

May 16, 2021

Free Haircuts 4 Single Parents’ Children

2nd & 3rd inner-city Free Haircuts 4 Single Parents’ Children. Freedom Foundation will have the wondrous Willpirts Home cooking barbecue team at the event. We will bless the parents and children with gift bags which include candy, LyfeBooks, and writing materials.

May 11, 2021 and June 15, 2021

Homeless Heal Project

Behavior 100 in collaboration with Freedom Foundation has the Helping the Homeless Heal Project in front of the Indianapolis downtown main library. Freedom Foundation will have a barbecue extraordinaire to provide barbecue for the homeless. We will also supply gift bags for the homeless.

March 14, 2021 - May 29, 2021

Peace by Any Means Necessary -
Prevent the Violence Cultural Essay Contest

Ongoing Prevent the Violence Essay Contest students from 4th to 12th graders will write about solution-based concepts on how to eradicate inner-city violence including mental illness. We have over 100 gifts cards to bless the winners.

1 PM

Indianapolis Central Library

 40 E St Clair St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

We will be situated in front of Central Library

3:30 PM

Brookside Park

3500 Brookside Pkwy S Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46201
5 PM

Northwestway Park

5253 W. 62nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Here's the Action Taking Place

TripGear/Behavior100 informational curriculum shows you how to use all the B100 components - made understandable for parents, teachers, pastors, community leaders, police liaisons, city officials and more.

The Behavior100 LyfeBooks brochure is a culturally sensitive cosmic journey into how LyfeBooks can save inner-city children lives and give learners enhanced Positive Choice Management Skills (PCMS).

The 30.0 literature guide provides insight into how B100 curriculum can be highly effective within the span of 30 minutes using I-MICE and R3+R concepts.

LyfeBook Teacher Guides provides the instructor with additional constructive and culturally sensitive information on how to assist inner-city learners as they navigate the LyfeBooks.

B100 U/niversity homeschool curriculum syllabus for all ages. B100 U encourages a seven-course process that highlights African American studies in all subjects.

LyfeBook Leo the Lion and the Ant and his Boyz is a graphic LyfeBook about the art of being humble when you win against a bully.

LyfeBook The Chronicles of Jack Gun is a true graphic novel about uncontrollable lust that can consume any of us. In this story the teenage character had a lust from guns, Jack!

LyfeBook My Abbreviation is a graphic novel about mad scientists that wants to kill inner-city black children in America through the quantum physics of sound!

LyfeBook Sammie Sag is about a personification of pants being prosecuted for being allowing inner-city children, young men, and men to sag.

LyfeBook Trip Vol. I four stories about rap that is warp, being a gift, I thought he loved me, and the story of player being played by the government.

LyfeBook Trip Vol. II eight stories that encompasses greed, gangsters, guns, ghetto and good choices.

The Art of the Close provides ways of to enhance your income through the art of closing.

Blackenstein is a delectably creepy illustrated novel about boys, men and monsters in the inner-city and about who comes out alive!

Over 3,000 thousand pieces of candy!

Bubble machine games!

Music without any profanity!


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Purpose: We use originally created, awe inspiring art and literature (lyfebooks) which embody real world scenarios, from the gritty to the mundane. These tools serve to enrich in:

  1. Ability to conceive solutions
  2. Solve problems
  3. Reject violence and other dysfunctions

Just a few of hundreds of original works of art that we call I-MICE.